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Why does Painting with Fire sell enamels in the 3-ounce size? The immersion process of enameling is easiest with this slightly larger size than the two-ounce jars sold by Thompson. However, our price per ounce is the same as sold by Thompson Enamel and other Thompson Enamel distributors. 

Thompson Enamels
  • Fires between 1400-1500F
  • Lead-Free
  • 1000 series = Opaques
  • 2000 series = Transparents


  • Can be layered to create new colors.  For instance, layering 2230 Lime Yellow and 2520 Aqua Blue produces "Cockatoo" - a Pantone Color for Spring 2012 
  • Can be applied over opaque enamels to create even more colors
  • On copper or iron, apply 1020 Titanium White, 1030 Foundation White, or 1055 White as a base layer to achieve the most vibrant colors
  • On brass, apply 2015 Golden Clear, 2020 Clear for Silver, 2030 Medium Fusing Clear first to get the most vibrant colors
  • Even though the opaque enamels may be used on brass, we,  at Painting with Fire Studio, LLC, prefer to use the transparent enamels because these enamels help to accentuate the designs and depressions of brass stampings. 


  • Completely coats metal to create a starting "canvas" 
  • Works best with iron and copper, however, can be used on brass
  • Some of the "primary" colors are 1880 Flame Red, 1560 Blue Jay Blue, and 2215 Egg Yellow layered over 1055 White 

Making Colors